Texas – RPL3055

I had the right of way but the driver doesn’t know how that works. Been waiting to turn right at the stop sign and after a long line of traffic, I was finally able to go. Or so I thought, this knot head decides he’s more important than anyone else and pulls out without a care in the world. Might help to take the sunglasses off, since you can’t see with them on. Probably can’t see without them either. Never looked my way cause he knows he f’ckd up! Might help to go back to driving school.

How's my Driving? Texas – RPL3055

California – 8CDA069

This worthless piece of shit intentionally hit a mound of dirt on the freeway and caused debris and brush to go everywhere in front of my motorcycle. I narrowly evaded crashing at 65mph and then this cum sucker actually yelled and flipped me off for his reckless driving. I reported to CHP and filing with DMV.

How's my Driving? California – 8CDA069