New York – Kuy6406

Driver cut me off at an intersection. Then honked at me from behind. Next he pulled up next to my car to the left and rolled down his window. He had his middle finger stuck out and shouted at me. He stopped his car next to mine to block the entire road so that the opposite flow of the traffic was blocked as well. He kept shouting, sticking his head almost out his passenger side window. I could not move in any direction because the traffic light was red and there were stopped vehicles all around me. When I didn’t respond and my passenger took pictures with my phone, the driver raced away ahead of me.

How's my Texting? New York – Kuy6406

Texas – RPL3055

I had the right of way but the driver doesn’t know how that works. Been waiting to turn right at the stop sign and after a long line of traffic, I was finally able to go. Or so I thought, this knot head decides he’s more important than anyone else and pulls out without a care in the world. Might help to take the sunglasses off, since you can’t see with them on. Probably can’t see without them either. Never looked my way cause he knows he f’ckd up! Might help to go back to driving school.

How's my Texting? Texas – RPL3055