Illinois – 2935413B

Texting while driving causing him to weave all over road almost hitting several cars and causing others to swerve into another lane to get out of his way. He did this for several miles while I had the misfortune to be behind him. Followed him
from Birmingham Michigan into Sterling Heights when he finally stopped texting. Got a picture of his license plate at a traffic light but was unable to get video as I don’t have a dash cam.

How's my Texting? Illinois – 2935413B

Florida – Itps

While crossing an intersection driver did not make full stop and hit our car when we was already in the intersection almost done crossing thanks to her recklessness we got hit didn’t get to full cross. She did apologized right away and instead was complaining then finally apologized. I guess since she’s a disabled veteran she thinks she can get away with things. Meanwhile she looks perfectly fine to me just. A bit nuts. Our car was coming from straight and she was on the side of the intersection clearly thinking she owns the road

Then once we finished exchanging information she did a reckless u turn and another car almost hit her.

How's my Texting? Florida – Itps