Georgia – TEL3474

2 Events

First acted super petty trying to pass me on a left turn, instead of turning into their correct lane.
So when they couldn’t pass and had to turn left (mind you there was plenty of space behind me) they decideed to ram into my left side and block me in. At first, when I saw their headlight popping into the tinest spot there was between me and the white van I honked. But they continued to literally try to run me over/merge into the left side of my car. I continued honking, and they eventually ended up in front of me because the van moved and I didn’t want my car to hit theirs (they were not worthy). And of course the whole time never signaled, only once they passed me. Acted it out almost like a scammer and glad I did not engage!

I didn’t get to take a picture of the plates that time. But I knew it was a black Chevy Equinox and had ‘”T”& “4” in the plates.

Second incident, literally exact same intersection but in reverse, they insert themselves into the double turning left lane, coming all the way from a right lane with incoming traffic. They make everyone slam on their brakes. But it’s the way they stopped right in front of me and then took the far left lane of the double turn because the line was shorter. That’s when I recognized them! Driving so erratic, recognizable from miles away. Karma will take care of them though!

How's my Texting? Georgia – TEL3474