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Texas – FXW0894

Event: Reckless Event Description: Was going 20 over speed limit and illegally went off the highway almost hitting yellow buckets Driver Description: Black male Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Silverado Event Date/Time: June 30, 2020 14:48:00 pm Location: Texas, United States

California – 4YCW924

Event: Reckless Event Description: I was trying to switch to the right lane because there was a slow motorcycle in front of me. I switched lanes, with a signal… and this beast of a woman tried to cause an accident by getting in front of my (cut me off) and then trying to stop me…

Texas – JDF3111

Event: Hit and Run Event Description: I was waiting to get water and sitting in my car. He had been parked off to the side when he turned a little to sharp and hit me. Sounded worse than it actually was. I had to chase him down as I didn’t know what kind of damage…

California – 25188J2

Event: Cut Off Event Description: The driver cut us off without using any turn signals. If the driver braked, there could have been an accident. Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MqeTSCiD2ZyGkU2fxzckYRtDakp_Jt9n/view?usp=sharing Driver Description: Company car with Sunset Painting Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Silverado Event Date/Time: June 17, 2020 14:17:00 pm Location: California, United States

California – 6YBG207

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Driver supposed to wait in the middle lane. She just speeding and cut into the north lane, nearly hit my car. I have to hard brake and honk her to avoid the accident. I got baby in my car! Driver Description: Woman, middle aged, white, look like driving under influences.…

Ohio – GXS1564

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Entered a permitted protest area recklessly and hit one of the protesters before fleeing the scene of the crime. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Pickup/Chevorlet Event Date/Time: May 30, 2020 16:00:00 pm Location: Ohio, United States

Alabama – 2BY4576

Event: Reckless Event Description: This “Karen” didn’t think the yield signs or dotted yellow lines meant anything. Pulled into the wrong line to go around traffic and nearly wrecked. Driver Description: A “Karen” short brown haircut. Dumb looking sunglasses. Fake highlights. Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Traverse Event Date/Time: April 18, 2020 10:15:00 am Location: Alabama, United States

Oklahoma – JVG357

Event: Aggressive Event Description: guy had his truck in park at a light. I went around him and he floored it, stayed right on bumper until he went around me in a no passing zone then slammed on his brakes Driver Description: white guy, 30’s Vehicle Make/Model: Chevorlet/silverado Event Date/Time: April 11, 2020 19:15:00 pm…

Ohio – HYM6788

Event: Road Rage Event Description: On my way to the hospital for a trauma this guy is driving 10mph under the speed limit. I slow down as I approach this slow moving vehicle & he starts repeatedly brake checking me when I get about 3 car lengths behind him. He came to a complete stop…

California – 5L75137

Event: Red Light Event Description: The driver ran a red light despite being able to stop. You can play in slow-motion to see if for yourself. Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10dmbbha-_lQhqRapQaMQw0uxArV-z0iI/view?usp=sharing Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/CK-1500 Event Date/Time: March 23, 2020 13:33:00 pm Location: California, United States