Category: Aggressive

Connecticut – AP21780

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Increased to a dangerous speed to cut me off at merge in single lane road. Tailgated me and once he passed me, he repeatedly slammed on his brakes. Aggressive behavior and continued tailgating other autos once we were on the highway. Driver Description: Middle aged white man in sunglasses, dark hair…

Florida – Z12000

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Tried to run me off the road when I tried to pass him Driver Description: Middle-aged white man Vehicle Make/Model: Mercedes-Benz/S400 Event Date/Time: August 26, 2019 08:54:00 am Location: Florida, United States

California – TCG12

Event: Aggressive Event Description: The driver was driving too fast on the freeway 680 N San Jose, CA in a slow line that is 55 m/h. When he was driving up to 80 m/h. He almost hits my car when he wanted to change the line without putting the signal and took me out of…

Oregon – 860LHF

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver was tailgating me for 2 miles in traffic. Came up to stop light and he got beside me in a non-vehicle lane and started a screaming match with me. After I told him to stop tailgating me he cut me off . Then proceed to act like he was going…

New Jersey – X12GLW

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Lanes were supposed to merge but this lady sat in the middle of the lane blocking traffic so noone could get by. Driver Description: Older lady white hair. Vehicle Make/Model: Lexus /Rx Event Date/Time: August 24, 2019 14:46:00 pm Location: New Jersey, United States

Texas – LFX8384

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cutting people off, slamming his breaks, driving way over speed limit. Driver Description: white, middle aged, man, brown hair. Vehicle Make/Model: Lexus/RX Event Date/Time: August 23, 2019 07:35:00 am Location: Texas, United States