California – LFTYMIS

The blonde lady driving this vehicle is aggressive, watch out. I was waiting to turn right at an intersection because a pedestrian was crossing and she honked over and over. I would tell she was even trying to get around me somehow. Glad she didn’t choose to go, or she would have flattered the pedestrian she didn’t see. I slowed down and let her pass. I watched her tailgate and drive very quickly in 5:30 PM traffic on a major road. I held my breath as she would slam the breaks while trying to weave between cars.

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California – 55532DV

I was in the left lane headed northbound on Sunrise at Racquet Club. This guy in the big Lexus sedan comes up behind me. As I was accelerating to the posted speed limit of 45 mph, he decided to tailgate me. Then as I made a lane change into the left turning lane, the guy in the big Lexus almost rear-ended me. As he sped past me, he honked at me! So I honked back at him.

Crazy mofo needs to be off the roads and back in his home. He is probably close to death, and he seems to want to take everyone with him. When he rear-ends someone, he will be at fault. Insurance companies settle rear-end accidents quickly because of so many lawsuits for whiplash. Grandpa, go home.

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North Carolina – jdf9008

driver is a white middle aged man who tailgated for about 5 mins while i was going 70 in a 65. continued tailgating even though there was plenty of room to pass. he then decided to get as close as possible on my left side as i tried to exit right, and (with no signal ofc) cut between me and the cement truck in front of us. i laid in the horn while he flipped my off. (for not going fast enough? not sure) he proceeded to try to get in front of me and break check me multiple times. at ome piont i had to go 95 to put some distance between us. i was in the wendover exit lane and at this point it was obvious he was just trying to make me as mad as he was so he did the same exact thing again. waited until i was about 10ft away from the car in infront of me in the exit then cut between us. i honked again bc i was mad. i started recording him in front of me and he took a u turn on wendover so i guess that’s what deterred him. weirdo.

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California – 6WUP815

Speed limit on E Francis Dr is 25 mph. I had my cruise set to 28 mph. This guy came speeding up behind me. Then he tailgated me. Then he illegally passed me in the middle of the intersection of E Francis Dr and N Hermosa Dr. Crazy old man needs to get off the road before he hurts or kills someone.

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