Tag: tailgating

Virginia – VLC1965

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Reckless dickhead speeding 55+ in a 35 zone, tailgating and hopping lanes on North Delphine avenue, just to be first to sit at the red light at East Main street. Fucking idiot. Driver Description: Fat, ugly bearded male 30-35 Vehicle Make/Model: Red/Sedan Event Date/Time: January 16, 2019 08:54:00 am Location: Virginia,…

Illinois – ZZ12824

Event: Tailgating Event Description: Tailgating, following cars TOO closely, attempting to pass/overtake/cut off vehicles aggressively with no turn signal, without any regards to other drivers. Driver Description: White-haired old White Male with glasses Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/ Event Date/Time: January 11, 2019 18:40:00 pm Location: Illinois, United States Original Report

Virginia – JADEC

Event: Tailgating Event Description: Dangerous tailgater tailing vehicles at less than one car-length distance at speeds above 60 MPH for several miles. Driver Description: IDIOT FEMALE Vehicle Make/Model: Big- Honkin’ SUV/White Event Date/Time: November 28, 2018 08:20:00 am Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

Virginia – ZW9771

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Person tailgated me horribly. Then when I put signal on to change lanes they speed up and pass on the shoulder! WTF Man! Extremely dangerous individual! Driver Description: Didn’t see Vehicle Make/Model: Subaru/WRX Sport / 2015 Event Date/Time: November 13, 2018 06:10:00 am Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

California – 7EXW645

Event: Tailgating reckless driving Event Description: Smokey outside due to fires is tailgating speeding break cheacking passing in nonpassing zones passing multiple vehicle at a time drifting in lane Driver Description: adult 25-30 white Male aggressive behavior Vehicle Make/Model: Mercedes /black C250 Event Date/Time: November 14, 2018 23:10:00 pm Location: California, United States Original Report

North Carolina – PFT8419

Event: No Signals Event Description: Reckless driver, aggressive, cutting off vehicles, doesn’t use turn signals and tailgating repeatedly. Driver Description: small Vehicle Make/Model: GMC/2001 Yukon Event Date/Time: November 02, 2018 13:44:00 pm Location: North Carolina, United States Original Report

Virginia – VCH7306

Event: Tailgating Event Description: All occured during a 3 mi drive at 8 am. Tailgating in 30 mph zone, improper use of horn, illegal lange change, talking on cell phone, and appears to be driving with expired plates, I believe it shows Sep 18, but I could be wrong. Driver Description: female talking on cell…

California – 7ESW497

Event: Tailgating Event Description: Cutting off drivers very close to hitting us without signaling. Was tailgating the car in front of him. Driver Description: Older man late 50’s Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota /Camry Event Date/Time: October 20, 2018 16:44:00 pm Location: California, United States Original Report

Texas – GTH3260

Event: Speeding Event Description: Driving 60 in a 40, tailgating, and cutting people off. He was not happy with me taking pictures. Even tried to engage me into his “Oh, you taking pictures of me? Tactics” Driver Description: Mid 50s, Caucasian, Almost bald, playing with a ball…. Vehicle Make/Model: Audi/A5 Event Date/Time: October 16, 2018…

Arizona – DEK1063

Event: Tailgating Event Description: Doubled back to tailgate me on Loop 101 in a no traffic situation. Was about five feet behind my bike. Completely unprovoked. Driver Description: Dark haired female, probably 20’s. Homely. Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Civic sedan (9th generation), black/dark Event Date/Time: October 04, 2018 21:00:00 pm Location: Arizona, United States Original Report