California – 55532DV

I was in the left lane headed northbound on Sunrise at Racquet Club. This guy in the big Lexus sedan comes up behind me. As I was accelerating to the posted speed limit of 45 mph, he decided to tailgate me. Then as I made a lane change into the left turning lane, the guy in the big Lexus almost rear-ended me. As he sped past me, he honked at me! So I honked back at him.

Crazy mofo needs to be off the roads and back in his home. He is probably close to death, and he seems to want to take everyone with him. When he rear-ends someone, he will be at fault. Insurance companies settle rear-end accidents quickly because of so many lawsuits for whiplash. Grandpa, go home.

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Florida – IRSH30

After getting off highway onto a 3 lane road and signalling to go into the furthest lane to make a turn at the next light, the driver almost hit me trying to get into the lane so I honked. Now with the driver in front of me, he slammed his brakes, got out of the car, came up to my window yelling in the middle of the road. He proceeded to yell and spit on my car, when I took out my phone he thankfully went back to his car but then did not move staying in the road with cars building up behind us with a green light. After he continued to not move and other drivers going around, I tried to go around as well and he slammed the gas and tried to cut me off again. The man was wreckless and had a major road rage over a honk of the horn. Use caution if you come anywhere close to this driver, he is unhinged and unpredictable.

How's my Texting? Florida – IRSH30

Nevada – NW815382

Driver couldn’t pass on the left so went around from the passenger side and cut me off in the off ramp lane near North highway 215 traveling west bound on Jones exit. I only had seconds to respond and break before he hit the front passenger side of my car. Driver was a white male traveling alone in a brand new black Nissan Versa with paper Nevada tags.

How's my Texting? Nevada – NW815382