California – 9KFX286

Typical ford focus drivers, driving Erratically, switching 2 lanes at a time and then slamming on its breaks to turn right into a street. Then proceeds to drive on the wrong side of that street.
Most likely a Broccoli Head or an Edgar that attends side shows, judging from the rear bumper taped up and the erratic driving.

2013 Ford Fusion
9KFX286 / California
West Covina, California

How's my Texting? California – 9KFX286

California – 9CWK688

This albeit lovely winding shortcut starts in Moreno Valley and ends at Washington in San Berny. this entitled, mindless speeder who appeared to be late 30s with darker hair cut us off in the No Passing zone on the westbound canyon heading towards Waterman. LOL he didn’t get too far! Speeding and erratic Mercedes, blacked out SUV. As we sailed past him at Washington he had his neck craned down at his lap, when he should have been concentrating on making the turn. We were going speed limit on an unfamiliar canyon which was only natural and legal, but this dude was in a hurry to get to his own keypad. He really flew past in that Do Not Pass corridor, very unnerving. just another situation where it pays to be watching the road yourself. Be prepared. Be careful of this guy.

How's my Texting? California – 9CWK688