New Mexico – 393XBF

Blue Subaru, speeding at probably around 65+ in a 50mph zone where the Hwy goes down to one lane – swerved right around car behind mine and me on the shoulder of the small Hwy, then swerved across and left in front of me because the RV ahead was slowing to turn right. I honked and he slammed on the brakes and made rude hand gestures before speeding off again. He got slowed down by another car ahead and when I got closer due to the slow down, he started waving a lot and giving me the finger, the waving was weird. I put on my turn signal and he made a quick right where I was turning, it didn’t seem like that’s where he planned to go, so I decided to not go home and turned around to leave the neighborhood and he turned around and followed me out. I headed right for the local police dept and he stopped following when I got close to that.

How's my Texting? New Mexico – 393XBF

California – LFTYMIS

The blonde lady driving this vehicle is aggressive, watch out. I was waiting to turn right at an intersection because a pedestrian was crossing and she honked over and over. I would tell she was even trying to get around me somehow. Glad she didn’t choose to go, or she would have flattered the pedestrian she didn’t see. I slowed down and let her pass. I watched her tailgate and drive very quickly in 5:30 PM traffic on a major road. I held my breath as she would slam the breaks while trying to weave between cars.

How's my Texting? California – LFTYMIS