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New York – HSJ8404

Event: Tailgating Event Description: Tailgating, then got behind me in the right lane and started tailgating me. He got into left lane and then cut me off almost hitting me. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai/Santa Fe Event Date/Time: July 11, 2020 09:29:00 am Location: New York, United States

Massachusetts – 7DK893

Event: Reckless Event Description: Cut in and slammed on breaks then ran red light. The driver and passenger told the they can do whatever they want because they are young. Driver Description: Heavy set blonde, long hair, wears cloths that don’t fit. Typical skank. 19 years old. Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai/Accent Event Date/Time: July 07, 2020…

Utah – 898A55

Event: No Signals Event Description: He lives close by and has an out of state vehicle. Have never seen him use turn signals. Maybe he doesn’t have hands? Plus it looks like a car junkyard and they leave their Christmas lights up all year round. Driver Description: Asshole Male Mexican Vehicle Make/Model: POS/Hyundai Event Date/Time:…

Colorado – AQV487

Event: Bad Parking Event Description: Parking in front of the car wash entrance to go into the convenience store. There are others who would like to use the carwash you know. Driver Description: Hispanic lady Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai /Santa Fe Event Date/Time: May 03, 2020 21:06:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Arizona – CSL3775

Event: Merge Impaired Event Description: Calls, Texts while driving also is, armed drug dealer. I witnessed him selling to kids and selling and using coke, Meth, weed, and abusing pain killers. He approached me aggressively try selling me illegal drugs. Anybody sees this vehicle REPORT THIS VEHICLE TO POLICE ASAP!!!!! Driver Description: OLDER BLACK MALE…

New Hampshire – 3004804

Event: Shit-Box Hero Event Description: Repeat offender..this moron causes issues daily approx 6:30p.on the 10+ miles of rt 121 then rt 102. high & drunk pervert ..cant maintain steady speed drives 15 + mph below posted 40mph on clear dry roads.. Constantly swerve and and weave in and braken can’t handle the slightest corners or…

Florida – ISWS14

Event: Phone/Texting Event Description: Talking on the phone, makes left turn in front of me failing to yield right of way, locked up the brakes. Driver Description: Bald guy in a blue shirt, with a phone attached to the side of his head. Vehicle Make/Model: Hundayi/Santa Fe Event Date/Time: April 03, 2020 15:15:00 pm Location:…

Virginia – VJH6171

Event: Reckless Event Description: Tailgating, excessive speed, crossing a solid lane and making a pass avoiding a head-on collision while nearly side-swiping my vehicle. Driver Description: Blonde Female, mid-50’s Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai/Elantra Event Date/Time: March 23, 2020 16:40:00 pm Location: Virginia, United States