California – 8ZXS658

This reckless driver was tailgating behind the car on the lane to my right after they exited from the freeway. Then, she swiftly started merging into my lane but almost collided with my vehicle, so I slammed on my horn. She sped up to get in front of me. The whole time before and after she changed lanes, she forgot to turn off the right blinker (which I circled) even though she merged into the left lane (my lane). The right blinker was still left on after I merged to get past her. Looking closely at the license plate, it seems she didn’t renew her car registration according to the sticker, as we’re in 2024. The license plate says “BE HAPPY,” which was hypocritical for her driving maneuver.

The driver was a Hispanic woman who appeared to be in her 20’s or 30’s. She even had some passengers with her.

How's my Texting? California – 8ZXS658

Maryland – 6EX16Z4

Extremely aggressive psychopath driver weaving in and out of heavy traffic going at least 100 in a 65, speeding up and slowing down. Cut me off in the left lane and slammed his brakes from a high speed like he was trying to get me to hit him purposefully. Took a picture of his plate, this made him mad so he swerved onto the shoulder, slammed on his brakes, swerved behind me (cutting another car off in the process) and started videoing my car while tailgating me. Pulled up next to me multiple times baiting me while recording and not paying attention at all to the road. Pointed out my dash cam and he sped off at least 110mph again. Reported to the police and hope they get him!

Crazy how he recorded me and baited like he was somehow the victim in the situation. Hope he gets his license taken away at some point – karma will come quick driving the way he’s driving.

How's my Texting? Maryland – 6EX16Z4