Illinois – DT90052

This driver blew every light and stop sign that they could while driving along a stretch of Washington BLVD on the Westside of Chicago. Also when they would be forced to stop at a light due to oncoming traffic they would go into the lefthand turn lane but rather than turn they would go straight and jump ahead of the waiting car when the light turned green. By the confidence and frequency in which they did this over many blocks, I would have to assume that this is common for this driver. A real unsafe menace on the road for sure.

How's my Texting? Illinois – DT90052

Texas – LWW1450

Driver ran a red light way after it changed nearly causing an accident. She stopped and cross traffic was about to go when their light turned green. However everyone had to hit their brakes because for some dumb reason after our light turned red, she decided to make a left turn and without the use of a signal. All this after making a complete stop and I was about to make a right on red when she made this stupid choice. Even scarier is that she has children!

How's my Texting? Texas – LWW1450