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Ohio – HAB8904

Event: Aggressive Event Description: I’m 6 months pregnant, old lady cut me off driving illegally, nearly hit me to take my spot at the gas pump. I got out of my car and she started screaming at me that I’m a whore and cussing at me and she threatened me. Yea I’m a whore when…

California – 7UVD971

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver cut me off so close almost hit my front bumper going full speed on the freeway. Driver Description: Female driver Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Fusion Event Date/Time: October 02, 2018 08:15:00 am Location: California, United States Original Report

North Carolina – TPN3125

Event: Aggressive State/Province: North Carolina Country: United States Event Date/Time: June 26, 2018 00:00:00 am Location: 35.5606118, -82.95039550000001 Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Fusion Event Description: Recklessly swerving between lanes, nearly hitting other cars. Going 15 over on I-40 Driver Description: Original Report

Ontario – GVAF144

Event: Reckless State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada Event Date/Time: March 31, 2018 12:05:00 pm Location: 43.1593745, -79.24686259999999 Vehicle Make/Model: FORD/FUSION Event Description: Driver Description: Original Report

Virginia – 79858HP

Event: Aggressive Vehicle Make/Model: FORD /FUSION SE / 2014 Event Description: Super aggressive lady, tailgating, flashing lights, and just a jackass on the road. Left left was filled with cars and there was nowhere I could go, yet she still have to tailgate. Driver Description: Middle aged slightly overweight white lady with glasses.