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Florida – IYYG17

Event: Merge Impaired Event Description: Plenty of room ahead of me, plenty of room behind me, driver chose instead of completely run me off the road at 65 MPH Driver Description: Black lady Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Escape Event Date/Time: August 08, 2018 18:29:00 pm Location: Florida, United States Original Report

Florida – ILFE32

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Camaro Florida Turnpike 7/31/2018 LICENSE ILFE32 (correction from an earlier post) This Asshat was driving like a complete Idiot. I saw him coming in my rear view. Good thing or he would have hit me. Happens about 1:10 min into the video. he was hauling ASS Driver Description: Unknown tinted windows…

Florida – Z91GZE

Event: VIOLENT Driver Event Description: This jackass is VIOLENT and DEADLY! He NEVER STOPS at red lights or stop signs!!! NEVER!!!! I’ve seen him SPEED through the STOP sign at American and Amelia Court more times than I can count!!! He also PARKS in the RED FIRE LANE ZONE IN THE ENTRANCE TO THE APARTMENTS…

Florida – 795VKT

Event: Reckless Event Description: This person was in front of me, and a very slow concrete mixing truck was in front of our cars too in a right lane. A lot of people were getting away from behind my car and I had to wait until there were no cars so I could change lanes…

Florida – DGFD10

Event: Reckless Event Description: Running red lights and stop signs. Running people off the road. Brake checking. Throwing garbage at other cars Driver Description: Unclear Vehicle Make/Model: Lexus/Is State/Province: Florida Country: United States Event Date/Time: July 21, 2018 19:24:00 pm Location: 26.1063897, -80.25024100000002 Original Report

Florida – Z47FYO

Event: Aggressive State/Province: Florida Country: United States Event Date/Time: July 05, 2018 17:45:00 pm Location: 26.563966870812447, -81.95790159212646 Vehicle Make/Model: Acura/MDX Event Description: Honked while I was at a stop sign. Sped past me, ran the sign, flicked me off, then wouldn’t look when I tried talking to her. Driver Description: Woman in mid 40’s, short…

Florida – ELF804

Event: Cut Off State/Province: Florida Country: United States Event Date/Time: July 01, 2018 17:34:00 pm Location: 28.03717, -80.65012000000002 Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Altima Event Description: Dumb driver cuts me off. Does not speed up at all! Brake checks me Driver Description: White male 40s or 50s Original Report

Florida – HREB74

Event: Merge Impaired State/Province: Florida Country: United States Event Date/Time: June 28, 2018 17:52:00 pm Location: 39.7528484, -104.9923733 Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Tundra Event Description: Merged into lane aggressively Driver Description: Brown hair, mousey doushbag Original Report

Florida – JKHC37

Event: Road Rage State/Province: Florida Country: United States Event Date/Time: June 23, 2018 00:00:00 am Location: 34.0873339, -84.48136469999997 Vehicle Make/Model: Chevorlet/Malibu Event Description: Driver tailed gated and proceeded to cut off car by going into a turning lane and then making a right, nearly causing an accident. Extremely aggressive Driver Description: Original Report Original Report

Florida driver chugged can of Busch during DUI stop, cops say

Matt Richardson foxnews.com A Florida man pulled over by police on Thursday on suspicion of drunk driving continued to drink even after being stopped by a sheriff’s deputy, police said on Friday. Daryl Royal Riedel, 48, allegedly raised a can of Busch beer and chugged the suds after being pulled over. Minutes earlier he had…