Florida – AY76RK

I was driving and this crazy lady thinks just because she has her turn signal on she can turn so I had to quickly move over and she almost rear ends me and causes a big accident and almost makes me hit a family of 3 that were walking by but I quickly swerved out the way and she was on her phone which makes me so angry because her being on her phone not paying attention almost caused a huge accident I’m more upset that that family almost got hit more than I am that my car could of been totaled this woman needs her license took away because clearly she’s not ready for a car, a car is a weapon and she doesn’t realize that I hate drivers who can’t go a couple minutes without there phones

How's my Texting? Florida – AY76RK

Florida – IRSH30

After getting off highway onto a 3 lane road and signalling to go into the furthest lane to make a turn at the next light, the driver almost hit me trying to get into the lane so I honked. Now with the driver in front of me, he slammed his brakes, got out of the car, came up to my window yelling in the middle of the road. He proceeded to yell and spit on my car, when I took out my phone he thankfully went back to his car but then did not move staying in the road with cars building up behind us with a green light. After he continued to not move and other drivers going around, I tried to go around as well and he slammed the gas and tried to cut me off again. The man was wreckless and had a major road rage over a honk of the horn. Use caution if you come anywhere close to this driver, he is unhinged and unpredictable.

How's my Texting? Florida – IRSH30

Florida – 9061VL

The driver had been (given a heads up) flashed at by multiple people in the 5 or so miles that I was behind them to turn their lights on. This driver had no functional rear view mirror, no lights were turned on, they had a young child (6 or 7 years of age) in the back seat of their vehicle not restrained by a child seat it was also leaning forward in between the front seats. This driver was also on their phone scrolling through Facebook Messenger it appeared but none the less was not focused on driving. Just a heads up due to night sight on Google pixels the picture seems much brighter then it actually is.

How's my Texting? Florida – 9061VL

Florida – 13ATMQ

I deal with something like this almost daily at this intersection…
There are two left turn lanes and one goes straight. This guy decided that he wasn’t going to wait like everyone else and instead cut everyone waiting to go straight off at the intersection. He not only didn’t use his blinker, but started coming into my lane while my car was still RIGHT THERE, almost hitting me. I lay on the horn, instead of stopping, he MERGES MORE. Ignoring my honking completely. I was MAD. I will admit to following a little too close which wasn’t very smart, however, once stopped at a red light I took a picture of his plate. He noticed this and rolled down his window to wave at me. SO funny that he’s scared now that I have a picture of his plate. Hope he learns to drive.

How's my Texting? Florida – 13ATMQ