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Florida – 168AXDLA

Event: Aggressive Event Description: She sped up the turn lane then abruptly cut off traffic, legally there, almost clipping a car in the front lane. Her insistence to not wait on traffic by breaking several traffic laws almost ruined her little holiday to this beautiful town. Driver Description: White, brunette, approximately 200 pounds, 5’4″ish Vehicle…

Florida – 3825UU

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Drives like a cock juggling thunder cunt until he sees police, then the tough guy turned soft as a soggy pb&j. Driver Description: Fat Spanish guy with dark buzz cut. Ugly af Vehicle Make/Model: Gold Chrysler/200 Event Date/Time: July 03, 2021 04:39:00 am Location: Florida, United States

Florida – PGXG44

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Swerved into the left lane and almost hit my car which caused me to swerve in the middle of the road because it was raining Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: 2015 Honda/Accord Event Date/Time: June 26, 2021 17:39:00 pm Location: Florida, United States

Florida – QWSF41

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Velma Dinkley looking shit-box hero, thought it would be in it’s best interest to fuck on a larger vehicle… (F150) Bet, they never do that again!!! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed those dents you received on your newer trash box, you’re welcome! You tried to cut me off and box me in,…

Florida – BXAR69

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Cut me off and gave me the finger then slammed on brakes and tried to cause me to wreck out Driver Description: Idiot Vehicle Make/Model: Lexus /Is Event Date/Time: June 15, 2021 14:35:00 pm Location: Florida, United States

Florida – NCXI62

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Drivers wife dings my car, the husband threatens me in a publix parking lot. Horrible couple Driver Description: Rude, agressive and threatening Vehicle Make/Model: BMW/BMW Event Date/Time: June 11, 2021 12:11:00 pm Location: Florida, United States

Florida – ZOYTP

Event: Red Light Event Description: Moron sat at red light and did not move after entire light cycle even though multiple people were beeping for him to move. Driver Description: Blue jeep with disabled plate. Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/ Event Date/Time: June 08, 2021 17:18:00 pm Location: Florida, United States