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Louisiana – AR14453

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Aggressive and tried to run a car into the curb in early morning traffic. Followed the car for a few miles going back and forth . Driver Description: Woman Vehicle Make/Model: Ford /Expedition Event Date/Time: March 03, 2020 01:13:00 am Location: Louisiana, United States

Louisiana – N534681

Event: Reckless Event Description: Almost hit two bikes, drove in bike lanes to cut traffic, aggressive and laughing. Looked like two kids thinking they were hot stuff but very dangerous activity that could have hurt someone Driver Description: Young female Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Sentra Event Date/Time: February 11, 2020 00:00:00 am Location: Louisiana, United States

Louisiana – 883CES

Event: Deranged Psycho! Event Description: Was driving down Plano Pkwy in Plano, Tx….going to work, and this deranged psyhcopath was speeding and jerking and swerving in and out of lanes, cutting people off and almost clipping the front bumpers of a couple of the vehicles this psycho jerked across and cut off! Then when we…

Louisiana – C846065

Event: Passive-Aggressive Event Description: Speeding then cuts me off and slams breaks in the Left lane slowing down all traffic in back of him for miles continues this for several mile, while the rain is coming down—ON PURPOSE!!!! (See Picture) Driver Description: White guy in his 30’s Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Pickup (Black) Event Date/Time: December 10,…

Louisiana – 515BXH

Event: Violent Psycho Event Description: I was driving down 15th Street in Plano, Tx from Alma towards Coit Road, and this violent psychopath was speeding in heavy traffic, jerking and swerving in and out of lanes cutting people off, DRIVING IN TWO LANES blocking other vehicles, and jerking from one far side of the road…

Louisiana – XWR146

Event: Tailgating Event Description: Aggressively tailgated me, not passing despite ample opportunity. When I tapped the breaks to get her off my tail she sped around me, shouting and flipping me off. Sped the rest of the way down River Road. Suspect she was high or drunk based on behavior. Driver Description: Woman, 20s-30s Vehicle…

Louisiana – C700134

Event: Reckless Event Description: Driver of this truck pulled up directly in front of me while I was driving down Gloria Switch Rd headed towards the interstate. He didn’t give me ANY time to brake so I attempted to get into the left lane and avoid an accident but then he decided to speed up…

Louisiana – TGT236

Event: Aggressive State/Province: Louisiana Country: United States Event Date/Time: May 04, 2018 00:00:00 am Location: 29.926777250509673, -90.09101495974119 Vehicle Make/Model: Buick/Century Event Description: Car aggressively tailgating every car then eventually passing and speeding while honking horn and making obscene gestures. Driver Description: White, bald, middle-aged male Original Report