Ohio – HHJ8252

Middle Age woman (mid 40s?), Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, darker completion, license plate number HHJ8252. I was in the middle lane on 75N by the Bowling Green on ramp from Wooster St going mid-upper 70s, when said driver began to cut into my lane without blinker from the fast lane. I had to slam on my brakes during rush hour, praying the car behind me would see the situation and brake in time.. Had I not, driver would have hit me as the front of my car was by the back seat doors of her SUV previous to her beginning to cut into my lane.

How's my Texting? Ohio – HHJ8252

Texas – SLV2379

Idiot not aware of his surroundings decided to make a last second unsafe U-turn. Caught me completely off guard as it was so sudden. Just like bad drivers never miss their exits, they never miss their turns either and will do whatever it takes even if that means being dangerous. Then proceeded to turn right back onto the street without the use of a blinker. Lots of drivers around here do not give a rats behind!

How's my Texting? Texas – SLV2379

Texas – SVS1306

Another driver not paying attention! First they were wanting to run a stop sign but were unable to since another driver was coming in the other direction. Had a hunch they would pull out in front of me after that car went by and boy was I right. Glad one of us was paying attention and it sure wasn’t them. Better thank your lucky stars as you might not be so lucky with the next driver.

How's my Texting? Texas – SVS1306