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Texas – AP63715

Event: Shit-Box Hero Event Description: Dumbass waited until last possible second to exit and cutoff a driver. Then tried cutting through a parking lot to avoid a stop sign only to have to wait on the 2 people that stopped legally. Passed them and zig zagged through traffic then we all had to stop at…

Texas – 93692D3

Event: Slow Poke Event Description: Driving 10-15 mph below the speed limit. Somewhat of a surprise as most pickup drivers are the opposite. Driver Description: Brainless Male Vehicle Make/Model: GMC/Denali Event Date/Time: December 18, 2020 01:11:00 am Location: Texas, United States

Michigan – CCK897

Event: Aggressive Event Description: We were driving and this idiot speeds around me crossing the double yellow lines! Driver Description: Idk, it happened so fast. Vehicle Make/Model: GMC/? Event Date/Time: December 12, 2020 00:03:00 am Location: Michigan, United States

Texas – 89510U8

Event: No Signals Event Description: New pickup with Dealer Tags. Dumbass needs to take the vehicle back to the dealer cause the turn signals don’t work. Another pea brain and penis probably is small too. Driver Description: Male Pinhead Vehicle Make/Model: GMC/Sierra Event Date/Time: November 01, 2020 13:20:00 pm Location: Texas, United States

Iowa – HSB931

Event: Not registered in state Event Description: Unregistered in California, cut off at intersection, blacked out windows Driver Description: Totally blackout windows. Vehicle Make/Model: Gmc/Terrain Event Date/Time: September 23, 2020 00:45:00 am Location: Iowa, United States

California – 7E82179

Event: No Signals Event Description: I was heading to and was in traffic i had my signal to turn into the lane to my left as soon as there was an opening i made the switch and that is when the Tan GMC Sierra also made the switch but without any signal I was honking…

Illinois – RUMSYFF

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cut my wife off aggressively to get a parking spot at dollar general. Then aggressive attitude when confronted. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: GMC/Yukon Event Date/Time: August 13, 2020 12:28:00 pm Location: Illinois, United States

Virginia – VYT1365

Event: Phone/Texting Event Description: This moron was rolling around the parking lot at harbor freight blocking traffic and completely oblivious to his soundings. All the while finger fucking his phone! Couldn’t park for shit either. Driver Description: Old hairy fat white male. Vehicle Make/Model: GMC/Savana / 2002 Event Date/Time: July 04, 2020 11:52:00 am Location:…