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California – 7WHG193

Event: Cut Off Event Description: She cut off a entire line of cars approx 7 for F*n Starbucks. Rude and no common decency! Driver Description: Women late 50’s early 60’s Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Highlander Event Date/Time: April 02, 2020 14:12:00 pm Location: California, United States

California – 6NOX544

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Driver was in the furthest left turning lane while I was in the only other turning lane on his right. When the light turned green, he turned into my lane during the final section of the curve, barely missing the front of my car since I had to hit the…

California – 8G78634

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Waiting in line at a drive through and he proceeded to cut me off claiming the line was the other direction. However he came out of nowhere and there was no line. Driver Description: Short hair Asian male. Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Titan Event Date/Time: March 25, 2020 21:11:00 pm Location: California,…

Ohio – HEQ5693

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Inconsiderate jerk pulled out across several lanes, almost hit my car, and then slammed on the brakes to pull into Dollar General a few yards later. Driver Description: Looked like a heavyset white person (I know, I know. In the Midwest?! What are the odds?!) Got closer but still couldn’t…

Ohio – ECF9935

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Cut over in front of me without even signaling almost hitting me. Failed to stop moving over even with horn blasting! Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Impala Event Date/Time: March 04, 2020 15:05:00 pm Location: Ohio, United States

California – 7XFY908

Event: Cut Off Event Description: The driver cut us off without using signal which caused the car to block the intersection. Selfish! Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SslVYSBZKZ-YcfsZYOBSCqDfR2ucmLrU/view?usp=sharing Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Volkswagen/ Event Date/Time: February 27, 2020 13:36:00 pm Location: California, United States

Ohio – PKA2528

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Sped up in a right turn only lane to cut me off in the slow lane. Continued on interstate driving in 2 lanes. Went across 3 lanes to cut me off again. Held up fast lane for other drivers. Continued on 71N driving in exit lane ending to cut someone…