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Texas – GTH3260

Event: Speeding Event Description: Driving 60 in a 40, tailgating, and cutting people off. He was not happy with me taking pictures. Even tried to engage me into his “Oh, you taking pictures of me? Tactics” Driver Description: Mid 50s, Caucasian, Almost bald, playing with a ball…. Vehicle Make/Model: Audi/A5 Event Date/Time: October 16, 2018…

North Carolina – FJK3994

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Sea foam greenish blue Driver Description: Rude, cut me off in the line for gas at a sams club, completely ignorant and piece of shit. Like how do you miss my big truck you dumbass. Vehicle Make/Model: Fors/Focus Event Date/Time: October 14, 2018 21:52:00 pm Location: North Carolina, United States…

North Carolina – FHA9605

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Guy cuts me off at the last second. Zipper merge impaired fool. Fully loaded dually and am unable to stop quick and easy. Driver Description: 30s white male. Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Equinox LT / 2018 Event Date/Time: October 07, 2018 13:21:00 pm Location: North Carolina, United States Original Report

Virginia – ZT5544

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Blatant cut off. Totally saw me coming and didn’t even hesitate to cut me off then go slow as hell. Driver Description: Possible older white female. Vehicle Make/Model: Subaru/Forester S / 2002 Event Date/Time: October 04, 2018 17:25:00 pm Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

Pennsylvania – GKK0764

Event: Cut Off Event Description: I was driving down I-79 when they went from the far left lane straight into my lane. They used no turn signals and almost took the front of my car off. I was getting off the next exit and put my turn signal on and started to direct the car…

Texas – CXB0392

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Another violent psychopath that has NO FUCKING CLUE how to drive!!!!! She was in the center lane on Alma road and I was in the right lane. As I started to slow down for the RED LIGHT at Alma and Plano Pkwy road, this bitch JERKED ACROSS MY FRONT BUMPER…

Texas – BW9V774

Event: Cut Off Event Description: I was exiting a business parking lot onto the road, and had the clear to do so. This older man cuts me off after I’m already in the lane only to immediately approach a red light (with me right behind him). I proceed to take a picture of his license…

Virginia – VKW2310

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Watched this person cut off oncoming traffic, then they flew down the back roads. For some reason pulled off, then started tailgating me. Super weird/creepy person. Driver Description: Didn’t see Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Tacoma SR / 2017 Event Date/Time: September 25, 2018 22:14:00 pm Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

California – 5BDG617

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Driving aggressive, passing solid lanes, and cutting off other drivers. Exiting the freeway at the very last second. Driver Description: Male Vehicle Make/Model: BMW/3 series Event Date/Time: September 21, 2018 09:46:00 am Location: California, United States Original Report

Utah – X983X

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Driver can’t judge safe following distances and is prone to cutting others off in traffic. Driver Description: Female Dark Hair Vape in left hand and cell in the right Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Dart Event Date/Time: September 20, 2018 15:21:00 pm Location: Utah, United States Original Report