North Carolina – jdf9008

driver is a white middle aged man who tailgated for about 5 mins while i was going 70 in a 65. continued tailgating even though there was plenty of room to pass. he then decided to get as close as possible on my left side as i tried to exit right, and (with no signal ofc) cut between me and the cement truck in front of us. i laid in the horn while he flipped my off. (for not going fast enough? not sure) he proceeded to try to get in front of me and break check me multiple times. at ome piont i had to go 95 to put some distance between us. i was in the wendover exit lane and at this point it was obvious he was just trying to make me as mad as he was so he did the same exact thing again. waited until i was about 10ft away from the car in infront of me in the exit then cut between us. i honked again bc i was mad. i started recording him in front of me and he took a u turn on wendover so i guess that’s what deterred him. weirdo.

How's my Driving? North Carolina – jdf9008

Ohio – HHJ8252

Middle Age woman (mid 40s?), Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, darker completion, license plate number HHJ8252. I was in the middle lane on 75N by the Bowling Green on ramp from Wooster St going mid-upper 70s, when said driver began to cut into my lane without blinker from the fast lane. I had to slam on my brakes during rush hour, praying the car behind me would see the situation and brake in time.. Had I not, driver would have hit me as the front of my car was by the back seat doors of her SUV previous to her beginning to cut into my lane.

How's my Driving? Ohio – HHJ8252

Florida – 13ATMQ

I deal with something like this almost daily at this intersection…
There are two left turn lanes and one goes straight. This guy decided that he wasn’t going to wait like everyone else and instead cut everyone waiting to go straight off at the intersection. He not only didn’t use his blinker, but started coming into my lane while my car was still RIGHT THERE, almost hitting me. I lay on the horn, instead of stopping, he MERGES MORE. Ignoring my honking completely. I was MAD. I will admit to following a little too close which wasn’t very smart, however, once stopped at a red light I took a picture of his plate. He noticed this and rolled down his window to wave at me. SO funny that he’s scared now that I have a picture of his plate. Hope he learns to drive.

How's my Driving? Florida – 13ATMQ