South Carolina – U13167

I was trying to merge onto the interstate, had the blinker on. The truck decides to step on it when I was trying to merge. I had kids in the car. When I merged in front of them they drive right through the solid whites lines on the interstate. They sped off but I eventually caught up (i wasn’t speeding) We both got off the same exit. The truck is speeding for what!!!

How's my Texting? South Carolina – U13167

Louisiana – LDB6983

Male driver tailgated us super close when we were going the appropriate speed (we were not going too slow) passing trucks then gave us the finger passing us in the right lane and proceeded to speed up to 95 mph in both 60 & 40 mph zones once around us. Other male passenger threw a cig butt and a plastic baggie out the window after in front of us that both went under the car. Tailgated others, as well. Did not drive the speed limit at any time.

How's my Texting? Louisiana – LDB6983

California – 9GGD984

this careless Nissan Sentra driver didn’t even apologize when they almost gunned us down vehicularly, as we were coming back to our driver side door, invisible or not. Older rougher man about 5’8″ almost also crashed into a couple carts someone else didn’t take care to return to the bay. Nasty people.

How's my Texting? California – 9GGD984