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Illinois – N533910

Event: Aggressive State/Province: Illinois Country: United States Event Date/Time: April 11, 2018 22:50:00 pm Location: 42.097, -88.14200000000301 Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Venza Event Description: The jerk lady talegated previous car specifically to prevent a zipper merge of every other car when two lawns reduce to one. I gave up on her but she really bothers me. Frustrating,…

Illinois – ZY14975

Event: Reckless Vehicle Make/Model: Grey /shitbox Event Description: Went into the lane for oncoming traffic to jump the turn lane. Traveled in wrong lane passing several cars already waiting to turn. Driver Description: Black female with a bad weave job Original Report

Illinois – R532061

Texting, Distracted, Tailgating, Aggressive Vehicle Make/Model: WHITE volkswagen/ Event Description: 12/6/17 @ 5:52 PM Driving down peterson towards pulaski and this woman is tailgating me, she was probably 1 inch away from hitting me so I hit thegas to avoid a collision and I honked. She kept driving close still. So at the corner of…