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North Carolina – EKR8104

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Asshole swerving in and out of traffic going about 85-90 mph and then cuts in front of me and does a brake check. Driver Description: Young male punk Vehicle Make/Model: Volkswagen / Event Date/Time: November 20, 2018 08:45:00 am Location: North Carolina, United States Original Report

Virginia – VCH7306

Event: Tailgating Event Description: All occured during a 3 mi drive at 8 am. Tailgating in 30 mph zone, improper use of horn, illegal lange change, talking on cell phone, and appears to be driving with expired plates, I believe it shows Sep 18, but I could be wrong. Driver Description: female talking on cell…

Nebraska – 74737

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver was a good 200 ft from intersection so I proceeded to turn into the West bound lane. He then sped up to approximately 60 mpg on a 45 mph no passing road that was also a hill. This could of easily be a tragedy if someone was coming over the…

Ohio – HCU6580

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Dude tailgated me from Nelson rd near Nelson Park. He was on my bumper. I was going 40 in 35 but I slowed down and went the speed limit. Dude tailgated me and then at Fifth Avenue and Nelson he came up on the side of me to the right and…

Utah – V916DV

Event: Merge Blocker Event Description: There was an accident further down the highway and the left lane was blocked. I was traveling in the left lane and as soon as I saw that the lane was blocked ahead I immediately turned on my signal and proceeded to inch over in order to merge to the…

Poland – AP091VJ

Event: Bad Parking Event Description: This is how driver of the Volkswagen Passat parked. Without any reason he tried to make it difficult for me to leave the car park. Driver Description: Extremely rude guy Vehicle Make/Model: Volkswagen /Passat Event Date/Time: September 02, 2018 18:30:00 pm Location: Poland Original Report

Texas – BX2D507

Event: Reckless Event Description: I couldn’t see the person, but they swerved right in front of us to get over. No signal, they almost ran us right off of the road. They were maybe two feet away from our front bumper, and if my husband hadn’t kept control of the car as well as he…

California – 6BDX008

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cutting off drivers, swerving, speeding up at red lights Driver Description: Twitching around and listening to loud music Vehicle Make/Model: Volkswagen /Jetta Event Date/Time: August 15, 2018 17:15:00 pm Location: California, United States Original Report

Ontario – BYXZ737

Event: No Signals Event Description: No signals. Was not aware of blind spots and drastically changed lanes into mine. To avoid collision I had to move over to the opposing lane while applying brakes Driver Description: Was not visible Vehicle Make/Model: VolksWagon/ Event Date/Time: August 14, 2018 18:08:00 pm Location: Ontario, Canada Original Report

Germany – GFAZ243

Event: Bad Parking Country: Germany Event Date/Time: June 03, 2018 16:40:00 pm Location: 52.54025343344783, 13.403151249525536 Vehicle Make/Model: Volkswagen/Passat Event Description: A tram in Berlin trying to pass isn’t able to keep going because of the horrible parking by this person. The person becomes aware of the tram but it still take 3-4 minuets before leaving,…