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Arizona – CJ0458

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Wouldn’t let me over when lanes merged. Kept flashing blinkers over and over again. Brake checked. Went extremely slow just to annoy me. Even on the freeway at 65 mph. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Prius maybe?/Honda Event Date/Time: September 26, 2019 02:49:00 am Location: Arizona, United States

Arizona – CJR4822

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Aggressive tailgating, reckless driving, rapid lane change, any car that was in front of him look out, high beams will flash. Driver Description: No description on driver windows were to dark to see Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Ram Event Date/Time: September 11, 2019 05:25:00 am Location: Arizona, United States

Arizona – ALG7478

Event: Braked abruptly for no reason Event Description: They braked abruptly when there was more than 2 car spaces ahead of them causing myself to slam on my own brakes. Could have caused an accident. I was at least 5 ft away from them. This was on rural and Apache when this happened. They seemed…

Arizona – CJL1581

Event: Aggressive Event Description: This human decided to spend his/her morning road raging in a mazda, right before politely sitting behind their work desk for 8 hours. I think they just needed to get out some frustration before facing their boss. They used their vehicle has a weapon and tailgated me, in a construction zone,…

Arizona – CAC8837

Event: Reckless Event Description: Reckless, endangerment to others on freeway. Slammed on brakes in front of semi truck when had 500feet plus clearance in front of them. Driver Description: White Blonde female Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota /Tundra Event Date/Time: August 07, 2019 15:05:00 pm Location: Arizona, United States Original Report

Arizona – CJM1P1D

Event: Reckless Event Description: Driver tailgated another driver until they were able to swerve in front of the car in the left lane. After getting into the left lane swerved into right lane, making the other vehicle swerve out of their lane to avoid being hit. The driver did this twice until finally getting into…

Arizona – 1373888

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cutting people off, Speeding through construction zone, Aggressive driving Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Large White Truck/ Event Date/Time: August 06, 2019 14:48:00 pm Location: Arizona, United States Original Report

Arizona – DAD24

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Stopped at a red light and he was driving in between the lanes of cars to get up to the red light. He sped away at 65 miles an hour and flipped me off as I took several pictures of him. Driver Description: Black man with black helmet on, dresses in…

Arizona – AZR4672

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Extreme tailgate from hey stop while beginning a left turn to enter the freeway, nearly hit me and the car next to me, then tailgated that car the same way. Sed up to at least 100 mph in a 65 mph zone Driver Description: Female/ hair up (brownish hair), large dark…