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Texas – CBB0192

Event: Illegal parking Event Description: Another criminal driver parking ILLEGALLY near a street corner, blocking traffic and BLOCKING THE VIEW for other drivers! City says no parking within 50 feet of a street corner unless it’s striped off for parking. This street is NOT striped off for parking! There are even NO PARKING signs on…

Texas – JBK2610

Event: SPED thru RED LIGHT Event Description: Violent psycho douchebag SPED through the RED LIGHT off of Custer onto Renner INTO PASSING TRAFFIC!!! NO goddamned consideration for the law or other peoples lives!!! Driver Description: white male Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Silverado Event Date/Time: January 19, 2019 12:48:00 pm Location: Texas, United States Original Report

Texas – KZW6168

Event: Reckless Event Description: This psycho lunatic was SPEEDING through the parking lot in the shopping center at Coit and Park…….SPEEDING ACROSS THE PARKING SPACES IN THE WRONG DIRECTION AND PAST MOVING AND PARKED CARS!!!! NO goddamned regard for anyones life, property, OR THE LAW! Driver Description: n/a Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Silverado (red) Event Date/Time: January…

California – 7D51895

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver was going into other lanes without using his turn signal and almost crashed into my vehicle in 2 occasions. Driver Description: Hispanic, short. Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet /Silverado Event Date/Time: January 07, 2019 15:30:00 pm Location: California, United States Original Report

Texas – CBD9142

Event: DERANGED PSYCHO! Event Description: Yet ANOTHER VIOLENT, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS MEXICAN let lose on public roads to endanger EVERYBODY!!! I was at the red light at Independence and 15th streets in the left turn lane. As I was stopping in the turn lane, this VIOLENTLY DERANGED, MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH STARTED DRIVING BACKWARDS from the RED light…

Virginia – NTADEM

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cutoff, has chased me twice. Saw me today and cut me off. First time he saw me he didn’t like my Trump-dump sticker, so he tailgated me. Today he saw me and cut me off, then threw something at the car… at least I heard a clunk, but there was no…

Florida – 69EYS

Event: Road Rage Event Description: I was going the speed limit and he passed the car behind in a no passing area. Then tailgated me and almost hit me, passing me in a no pass zone. Driver Description: Middle age trashy guy Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Silverado Event Date/Time: December 05, 2018 16:48:00 pm Location: Florida, United…

Missouri – 91A4KB

Event: Bad Parking Event Description: Full parking lot and was taking up two spots Driver Description: Unknown Vehicle Make/Model: Silverado/Chevy Event Date/Time: November 01, 2018 17:58:00 pm Location: Missouri, United States Original Report

West Virginia – 1JX152

Event: No Signals Event Description: The rebel doesn’t use turn signals! Driver Description: Looked like and older white dude. Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Silverado K2500HD / 2004 Event Date/Time: September 28, 2018 08:50:00 am Location: West Virginia, United States Original Report

Texas – LCV3309

Event: Failure to yield Event Description: Failed to yield when turning left from Alexandria North to Barron West. Driver Description: Knucklehead Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Silverado (white) Event Date/Time: September 24, 2018 13:48:00 pm Location: Texas, United States Original Report