Pennsylvania – ZTX7127

Reckless driving for no reason other than to be spiteful. Driver acted as if they were going to turn at a red light, but then decided to gun it and go straight, but there is a lane merge immediately after the light. Driver cut me off in the left lane and caused me to cross the double yellow while hitting the brakes to avoid them. They then proceeded to go slow and continually throw up middle fingers (to which I obliged and returned). What was the point of all that? Just to be reckless, I guess, and take it out on others for their poor decisions about turning/merging.

How's my Texting? Pennsylvania – ZTX7127

Texas – KSP4474

Don’t be a stinker, use your blinker! I am waiting to turn left into the post office when this driver did not use a turn signal turning right into the same place. There are cars all around and yet you choose to drive like a super douche. Keep that up and you won’t be having any turkey with butthole bread (stuffing) on Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday!

How's my Texting? Texas – KSP4474

Arizona – BVA2TR

I was tailgated by this driver despite passing a vehicle to my right and with a wide open left lane available to him, I moved over without cutting off the driver to my right as quickly as possible, but I (regrettably) honked as he drove past, so he gestered for me to pull over and proceeded to throw a glass bottle out of his truck, chipping my windshield. I caught up to him at the next exit where I took this photo in my car, immediately after he turned and proceeded to drive 80+ mph on the 45 mph road.

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Texas – LRF5937

Coworker doesn’t know how to drive and needs to go back to drivers ed. Not the first time I’ve had issues regarding her lack for others safety. Was speeding and ran the stop sign. Barely slowed down and then proceeded to go into our parking lot without the use of a turn signal. Guess she was more eager to get to work than I was. A total religious nut who has more stuff around her cubicle than anyone else. Keep driving like that and you’ll get to meet Him sooner than you would like!

How's my Texting? Texas – LRF5937