Michigan – 005D730

We were stopping at a red light, and this fool sped around us, almost running the stop light, because he didn’t like the fact we were stopping (and the light had been red for 30ish seconds, so clearly he was speeding up to it). He sped away when it turned green, and ended up so far in front of us so quickly I’m assuming he was doing 55 (Michigan Ave is a 40 zone). Someone with a Dealer plate should know better.

How's my Texting? Michigan – 005D730

California – 8RAD431

Driver was brake checking and speeding near the exit. Very dangerous behavior. She cut off my lane after going 80-90 off a ramp, I was just following speed limit at 65-70. She almost hit me because she was speeding by so much. After brake checking me, she caused traffic because I had to brake too. I saw her get out of a car and was extremely angry and took a photo of my car. She was an overweight lady of below average height. She wore shades. She obviously had a bad day so I didn’t pursue her, I just went to my house, but she flipped me off after I made my left turn.

How's my Texting? California – 8RAD431