Texas – SDK0043

Honestly couldn’t tell if a man or a woman. They got mad at me for trying to get around a slow driver and proceeded tailgate the shit out of me, then when I slowed down to let them pass me they pulled in front of my car and SLAMMED on the brakes as hard as the could trying to get me to crash into them. They did this 3 more times and then when I tried to leave the lane they switched to it to block me each time and then drove below the speed limit to try and waste the time of me and the people behind me.
Very aggressive and angry person who should not be allowed to drive

How's my Texting? Texas – SDK0043

Texas – SKL0348

Two idiots in one picture. Both driving Ford F-150’s what a surprise. Idiot #2 is in two lanes sitting like a bump on a log. Driver couldn’t decide what to do. Pick a lane as you are holding up traffic for those who are wanting to go right. After burning off a few million brain cells, they decided to go right and did not use their signal while doing so. People like this should not be out on the road! The big vehicle is to compensate for the lack of brains!

How's my Texting? Texas – SKL0348

California – 8W24418

Make illegal left turn out of RiteAid parking lot, south on Palo Verde. Takes issue that I did not brake too quick upon his illegal move and took issue that I got close to his truck. Points out he have a front dashcam – had to call out to him that so do I and I got him pulling the illegal turn, and proceeds to yell and give me the finger for his piss poor driving habits. Clueless!

How's my Texting? California – 8W24418