California – 6FBH300

Didn’t like it when cars would be in front of him. Would speed up and tailgate cars and would try to go around cars on a one lane road. Almost side swept me and cut in front so bad to the point I almost T-boned him because there was technically no room to cut. Seemed like he wanted me to hit him and get into an accident by the way he was going about things. Would flick people off, constantly break check, and drive at various speeds. Also tried to swerve around the vehicle in front of him from the right hand side of the car, but wasn’t able to as we were trying to get on to the freeway.

How's my Texting? California – 6FBH300

Nevada – NW815382

Driver couldn’t pass on the left so went around from the passenger side and cut me off in the off ramp lane near North highway 215 traveling west bound on Jones exit. I only had seconds to respond and break before he hit the front passenger side of my car. Driver was a white male traveling alone in a brand new black Nissan Versa with paper Nevada tags.

How's my Texting? Nevada – NW815382