Tag: Corolla

Hawaii – TJG358

Event: Red Light Event Description: The driver is so inconsiderate, that he hogged the right turn lane to continue straight ahead through the intersection. The driver was also playing loud music with his windows rolled down. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Corolla Event Date/Time: April 22, 2021 18:23:00 pm Location: Hawaii, United States

Hawaii – MELVINJ

Event: Failure to yield Event Description: The driver popped out of the parking lot he was coming out from without yielding to the right of way. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Corolla Event Date/Time: March 30, 2021 11:22:00 am Location: Hawaii, United States

North Carolina – HFD4272

Event: No Signals Event Description: Another out of state driver out here in West Texas that doesn’t know how a turn signal works. This idiot did not use one when turning right. Driver Description: Brainless Snail Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Carolla Event Date/Time: March 29, 2021 09:40:00 am Location: North Carolina, United States

Hawaii – TGG964

Event: Merge Impaired Event Description: While I was getting on Fort Weaver Road from Waipahu, the driver of this Corolla refused to let me merged in and almost side-scrapped me. Driver Description: Young Asian woman in her 20s Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Corolla Event Date/Time: November 21, 2020 12:59:00 pm Location: Hawaii, United States

Texas – BY4J776

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Another dumb-ass in the wrong lane. Moron got into the left-turn only lane, but doesn’t want to go left. Instead of waiting for traffic to pass and move over safely, the imbecile has to cut me off as soon as possible. Hey, Lucky! You should think about using that turn-indicator…

Massachusetts – F7848

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Pervert cutting off cars in super heavy highway traffic..kept cutting into fast lane and short stopping traffic forcing cars into breakdown lane..douchebag did it several times , real bitch type guy Driver Description: Douchebag, pervert non masculine bitch, piss poor driver who needs to be batch slapped out of his silly…

Texas – NFX8473

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Changed lanes without signal less than one length in front of my car. After I flashed my lights at them they became aggressive and then both driver and passenger began harassing with repeated middle fingers at stop Light. Driver Description: Young girl, approximately 18-20, short, brunette hair. Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota…

California – 7JLE040

Event: Bad Parking Event Description: Moron driver backed into my car… he had plenty of space, I was in the car, but he didn’t give a sh*t! Just look at the photos… 1) he had plenty of space – no reason on earth he had to make any contact 2) his bumper is so peppered…

Oklahoma – CZ3672

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Pulled over within inches of the front of my car to change into my lane. No signal. Had to slam on my brakes to keep her from side swiping me. Driver Description: Dish-water blonde hair, mid 40’s, obese female. Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Corolla Event Date/Time: January 28, 2021 08:25:00 am Location: Oklahoma,…