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Maryland – 3BY5916

Event: No brake lights Event Description: Driving without brake lights. Specifically, at red lights it looked like the car was stopped and the driver was not holding the brake. After the traffic light pictured, the driver turned left and that’s when I noticed that indeed all their brake lights were out. Driver Description: Neglected to…

Maryland – 410BLP

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Aggressively tailgated me and my 9yo daughter when I was going the speed limit, flashing her lights, and then she swerved around us and just STOPPED on one of the busiest roads in Maryland!!!! Could have killed us!! Driver Description: Very old (80+)and white Vehicle Make/Model: Mercedes/C300 Event Date/Time: January 04,…

Maryland – 4DN9545

Event: Aggressive Event Description: This person was tailgating even though I was doing 70. When they passed me they threw a drink at my truck. I followed them and got the tag number. Driver Description: Couldn’t see the lady except she was black. I know this because she flipped me the bird several times. Vehicle…

Maryland – 5DS7357

Event: Police Impersonator Event Description: Vehicle impersonates a cop with flashing red and light strobes to drive in the shoulder. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Tahoe Event Date/Time: November 25, 2019 07:40:00 am Location: Maryland, United States All Credits to MightyBobo

Maryland – E53544D

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver jumped into Entry Ramp Acceleration lane to skip ahead of traffic (I-270S @ Clarksburg MD). Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Dumptruck/Heritage Event Date/Time: November 06, 2019 07:18:00 am Location: Maryland, United States

Maryland – 4DZ3650

Event: Cut Off Event Description: The driver of Toyota Corolla 4DZ3650 was standing in the first from the left lane and MUST have turned left on the intersection after the green light. I was in the second from the left lane and was actually turning left. He had no signal turned whatsoever. I was turning…

Maryland – 5CM9453

Event: Reckless Event Description: Was ready to move to next lane due to left lane ending and the lady in Subaru was in center lane speeding and making abruptly left lane while I was ready to move to right lane. I blew the horn at her and she gave me a nice gesture. So that…

Maryland – 9BH4177

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver cutoff, near collision, shoulder of road driving and accident. Driver Description: Driver cutoff, near collision, shoulder of road driving and accident. Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet /Camaro Event Date/Time: October 22, 2019 13:50:00 pm Location: Maryland, United States