Tag: speeding

Ohio – HQK9616

Event: Speeding Event Description: Driver sped down a 25mph road doing at least 50mph in a residential area with children playing within 25 yards of the road. Driver Description: White male, mid 40’s stocky (200-230lbs) light brown/blondish hair Vehicle Make/Model: BMW/ Event Date/Time: June 30, 2019 20:12:00 pm Location: Ohio, United States Original Report

California – 6YFM894

Event: Speeding Event Description: Was passing at over 80 miles/h from the left shoulder. It was intentional, as the driver merged in the traffic as soon as CHP car was visible. South San Francisco 101 South Driver Description: Female, dark hair Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Focus Sedam Event Date/Time: May 21, 2019 09:43:00 am Location: California, United…

Texas – CZY4878

Event: SPED SPEEDING THRU STOP SIGN Event Description: Yet ANOTHER psychopathic, violent, deranged CRIMINAL…..SPEEDING THRU THE STOP SIGN off of American onto Amelia Court INTO PASSING TRAFFIC!!! Driver Description: n/a Vehicle Make/Model: Lexus/GX SUV Event Date/Time: March 19, 2019 16:16:00 pm Location: Texas, United States Original Report

Texas – JDF1863

Event: SPED SPEEDING thru RED LIGHT Event Description: Another VIOLENT, DANGEROUS, DERANGED “professional” driver SPEEDING THROUGH A RED LIGHT in HEAVY traffic off of Independence road onto 15th street!! Sped thru a RED LIGHT in a RIGHT TURN ONLY LANE that has a RIGHT TURN ONLY light on that lane! And this lunatic sped right…