Tag: California

California – 7UCS827

Event: Litter Bug Event Description: Female passenger threw a bunch of napkins out of the window, clearly on purpose. Driver Description: Driver was a white/Hispanic male. Female was a Hispanic or Asian female. Vehicle Make/Model: Kia/Optima SXL Event Date/Time: April 07, 2019 00:07:00 am Location: California, United States Original Report

California – 6LLB857

Event: Bad Parking Event Description: Parked behind me on the street only leaving 2 inches space. I couldn’t get out. He didn’t seem to care. He has Buddha statue on the dashboard. Driver Description: Short stalky Asian man with glasses Vehicle Make/Model: BMW /328i Event Date/Time: April 04, 2019 21:30:00 pm Location: California, United States…

California – 7LLF190

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Super aggressive and impatient driver going to pick up male at train station. Jumped around trying to cut off people where lane merges. Very dangerous with nearby pedestrians. Then tries to accelerate to not allow to pass when waiting for Indian male. This is highly aggressive and puts more people in…

California – 6YCK135

Event: Reckless Event Description: Reckless and aggressive driving. Switching lanes to cut people off without using turn signals. When I didn’t let her cut me off for a 2nd time, she pulled up next to me and blasted hip hop music. Then she turned it down and we started arguing. Next, she took her cell…

California – NLB29

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Going into left turn lane at a red light, X5 behind me speeds up and goes into oncoming traffic to also get into the left turn lane, and goes ballistic when I proceed in front of her to go into that turn lane she so desperately wanted to get in before…

California – 7A68333

Event: Slow Poke Event Description: Driver was driving 10 under the speed limit. 5 cars piled up behind him. He was going so slow and would not pull over. Not only, his car was emitting horrible fuels which is mostly likely not regulatory. This car should be impounded and is not good for the invironment.…

California – 7ATE162

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Aggressive and reckless driver. Cutting other drivers off while on his cell phone. Driver Description: White or Hispanic male in his 20’s-30’s Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Sentra Event Date/Time: February 26, 2019 17:35:00 pm Location: California, United States Original Report

California – 7VNY382

Event: Aggressive Event Description: the car almost hit me when she illegal pulled forward as i was trying to park Driver Description: rude, inconsiderate. Vehicle Make/Model: HONDA/ Event Date/Time: February 25, 2019 09:00:00 am Location: California, United States Original Report

California – 6CLT088

Event: Reckless Event Description: Irratic driver flying down North Santa Fe going over 80MPH in a 50MPH area. Drove through red light on Mesa Dr. Cutting into left turning lanes going West on 76. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Malibu Event Date/Time: February 16, 2019 19:38:00 pm Location: California, United States Original Report

California – SANDAAY

Event: Merge Impaired Event Description: Driver Description: Unfriendly lady – merge impaired. Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Rogue Event Date/Time: February 17, 2019 01:23:00 am Location: California, United States Original Report