Tag: Ram

Idaho – 1A372DL

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Rolling coal at multiple intersections (blinding drivers following the vehicle in traffic), aggressive acceleration to stay in convoy with a second white truck that was repeatedly breaking traction and weaving in lane. The second truck turned hard into a gas station (cutting off oncoming traffic),and then this driver, who was sitting…

Ohio – FGACF2

Event: Bad Parking Event Description: Idiot driver almost hit my child while parking. He then flipped me the bird and sped off when I grabbed my kid and protected him. Driver Description: Looks like the best part of him ended up as a brown stain on his moms sheets. Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge /Ram Event Date/Time:…

Florida – GNDX97

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Cut off 7 other cars to pull into my lane on a right turn and almost rammed into me in the process. Then proceeded to cut off a School Bus Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Black Dodge /Ram SLT 4×4 Event Date/Time: November 19, 2019 21:11:00 pm Location: Florida, United States

Michigan – WHODEY

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Pass on left to squeeze into too small space ahead. Driver Description: Behind tinted glass. Vehicle Make/Model: DODGE/Ram pickup…Red Event Date/Time: October 18, 2019 12:29:00 pm Location: Michigan, United States

Texas – DXL1206

Event: Reckless Event Description: He did not put his turn signals, he almost hit my truck, then he proceeded to flick me off. He had those extra mirrors attached to the truck mirrors but Im guessing he doesn’t know how to use them. I was in the turning lane, he jumped right in front of…

Arizona – CJR4822

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Aggressive tailgating, reckless driving, rapid lane change, any car that was in front of him look out, high beams will flash. Driver Description: No description on driver windows were to dark to see Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Ram Event Date/Time: September 11, 2019 05:25:00 am Location: Arizona, United States

Nevada – 092G93

Event: Aggressive Event Description: i was on the freeway and cones were bringing me to merge on to the right lane. i was already ahead but the white truck sped off in front of me and didn’t let me merge. so my son grabbed my phone and took a picture of the back of the…

Nebraska – WAP708

Event: Aggressive Event Description: I was cut off by someone else, preventing me from turning. This turned the male aggressive as he honked at me. Then, when I was able to turn, and did so, he sped next to me and prevented me from getting into the other lane i needed to go into to…

Virginia – UPJ4802

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Guy fully cuts me off, tailgates the guy in front of him, then makes abrupt stop to turn. Driver Description: Looked like white middle aged guy. Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge Ram/1500 Rebel / 2019 Event Date/Time: August 23, 2019 15:00:00 pm Location: Virginia, United States