California – 9GGD984

this careless Nissan Sentra driver didn’t even apologize when they almost gunned us down vehicularly, as we were coming back to our driver side door, invisible or not. Older rougher man about 5’8″ almost also crashed into a couple carts someone else didn’t take care to return to the bay. Nasty people.

How's my Texting? California – 9GGD984

Connecticut – 3PMG84

Speed driving and driver tried to overtake us in single HOV lane. Our speed was already 75.
Driver woman made few abrupt stops after overtaking us in a single lane showing road rage. She was the only person in car, so she shouldn’t have driven HOV lane. Only got a picture of her license plate. She repeated the same with other cars by going too close.
Hope some action is taken on the driver!

How's my Texting? Connecticut – 3PMG84