Washington – CGL7042

Driver was doing 25 in a 35 on Bellevue Way. Deeply on his phone, several cars passed. The Driver then accelerated aggressively through traffic. Then proceeded to slow down and start a confrontation with other drivers. Followed to Starbucks to get his picture. Medium complexion 30YO Male with beard and mustache. Very Aggressive. Be careful.

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California – 9GGD984

this careless Nissan Sentra driver didn’t even apologize when they almost gunned us down vehicularly, as we were coming back to our driver side door, invisible or not. Older rougher man about 5’8″ almost also crashed into a couple carts someone else didn’t take care to return to the bay. Nasty people.

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Florida – 9061VL

The driver had been (given a heads up) flashed at by multiple people in the 5 or so miles that I was behind them to turn their lights on. This driver had no functional rear view mirror, no lights were turned on, they had a young child (6 or 7 years of age) in the back seat of their vehicle not restrained by a child seat it was also leaning forward in between the front seats. This driver was also on their phone scrolling through Facebook Messenger it appeared but none the less was not focused on driving. Just a heads up due to night sight on Google pixels the picture seems much brighter then it actually is.

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Virginia – TVA2754

Hi, my name is Salvador, here to report reckless driver. On October 12, around 5:30 – 630 AM A reckless driver almost causes an accident for me and a fellow driver by driving opposite side of the road, crossing a double solid-yellow line and opposite to the stop sign (DO NOT ENTER) side as shown in the picture. The driver from what I could see, seemed to be a blond or yellow like hair female at the time of the incident and her careless action came close to involving drivers who are trying to drive safe into an unfortunate accident. There is a video that can better illustrate the event.

Below is my contact data if additional information is require.
Phone: (910) 286-9553
Email: [email protected]

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