California – 6FBH300

Didn’t like it when cars would be in front of him. Would speed up and tailgate cars and would try to go around cars on a one lane road. Almost side swept me and cut in front so bad to the point I almost T-boned him because there was technically no room to cut. Seemed like he wanted me to hit him and get into an accident by the way he was going about things. Would flick people off, constantly break check, and drive at various speeds. Also tried to swerve around the vehicle in front of him from the right hand side of the car, but wasn’t able to as we were trying to get on to the freeway.

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New York – Kuy6406

Driver cut me off at an intersection. Then honked at me from behind. Next he pulled up next to my car to the left and rolled down his window. He had his middle finger stuck out and shouted at me. He stopped his car next to mine to block the entire road so that the opposite flow of the traffic was blocked as well. He kept shouting, sticking his head almost out his passenger side window. I could not move in any direction because the traffic light was red and there were stopped vehicles all around me. When I didn’t respond and my passenger took pictures with my phone, the driver raced away ahead of me.

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California – 9KFX286

Typical ford focus drivers, driving Erratically, switching 2 lanes at a time and then slamming on its breaks to turn right into a street. Then proceeds to drive on the wrong side of that street.
Most likely a Broccoli Head or an Edgar that attends side shows, judging from the rear bumper taped up and the erratic driving.

2013 Ford Fusion
9KFX286 / California
West Covina, California

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California – 5TCJ870

This driver sped up next to me in the fast lane of the highway and slowed down within a cars length of the vehicle in front of her. Then she swerved into my lane without using a blinker while I was still adjacent to her, so I slammed on my brakes, causing her to miss me by about a foot (while going ~50 mph). She continued to weave in and out of the fast lane without a blinker. I eventually wound up next to her, turns out she was talking on the phone – distracted, aggressive, and dumb driving. Turns out we took the same exit and I saw her continue to cut people off with no blinker.

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