Texas – KSP4474

Don’t be a stinker, use your blinker! I am waiting to turn left into the post office when this driver did not use a turn signal turning right into the same place. There are cars all around and yet you choose to drive like a super douche. Keep that up and you won’t be having any turkey with butthole bread (stuffing) on Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday!

How's my Texting? Texas – KSP4474

California – 8MDX928

Wreckeless driver without a care, continually passed on the right hand shoulder, darting in and out of traffic using the should as his/her own personal passing lane. Other drivers could not see driver’s small car approaching from the shoulder and were not expecting a car to be there startled several drivers causing other drivers to swerve to try to avoid collisions. Couldn’t read plate clearly, but was either 8mdx928 or 8mbx928. Small white Chevy car. Los Angeles 405 South just before Getty Center Drive. Driver was using the shoulder to pass on the exit ramp as well.

How's my Texting? California – 8MDX928