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New York – JGM5665

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Aggressively cut me off nearly causing a collision. Driver Description: Needs to give back his license to the DMV with apology. Vehicle Make/Model: Acura/MDX Event Date/Time: June 30, 2019 12:15:00 pm Location: New York, United States Original Report

Texas – LLZ1606

Event: SPED THRU RED LIGHT! Event Description: I was at the RED LIGHT at Hwy 75 access road and Plano Parkway and this violently deranged lunatic SPED SPEEDING THROUGH THE RED LIGHT! DID NOT STOP, DID NOT EVEN FREEKING HESITATE! SPED SPEEDING RIGHT THROUGH THE RED LIGHT!!!! AS USUAL, the so-called “law enforcement” could NOT…

New York – FXD9225

Event: Speeding Event Description: Speeding and almost not aware of surroundings Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: /Acura Event Date/Time: May 14, 2019 16:29:00 pm Location: New York, United States Original Report

New Jersey – R49JHS

Event: Aggressive Event Description: As I was merging onto River Road another driver crossed over the double lines in an attempt to speed past a slower vehicle. He narrowly hit the back of my SUV. The driver then proceed to hit their brakes hard in front of me trying to further instigate the situation. Driver…

New York – FRL5698

Event: Reckless Event Description: Tried to jump infront of each car in the exit Lane and when no one let her in she drove over the grass on to the clover leaf driving side by side down the ramp til she forced her way in then still tried to go around the cars infront of…

Texas – FKX1372

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Psycho lunatic RIDING MY REAR BUMPER exiting the highway around 70 mph!!! Driver Description: n/a Vehicle Make/Model: Acura/TSX Event Date/Time: March 20, 2019 15:23:00 pm Location: Texas, United States Original Report

Florida – 057QCX

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Driver cut us off in a drive through. Then, while exiting the lot, the driver went the wrong way in order to access the turning lane which isn’t accessible from the lot (turned into oncoming traffic). Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Acura/ Event Date/Time: March 02, 2019 09:45:00 am Location: Florida,…

Texas – KBL3431

Event: Tailgating Event Description: Bitch was riding my rear bumper down Renner road, and pulling up ON my rear bumper at red lights! Lunatic bitch then drove UP ON MY REAR BUMPER ALMOST RAMMED ME, THEN HARD JERKED OVER INTO THE MIDDLE LANE CUTTING OFF ANOTHER VEHICLE!!! Driver Description: white female? Vehicle Make/Model: Acura/MDX Event…

Texas – DFS5439

Event: Failure to yield Event Description: I was driving through the parking lot of this shopping center, and as I was passing this douchebag, he just SPED out BACKWARDS from a parking space and almost RAMMED ME as I was passing!!!! And I was in FULL VIEW of his back window, so I KNOW he…

Arizona – CGW7963

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cut off people when changing lanes, close to hitting cars Driver Description: African american male, early to late 30’s Vehicle Make/Model: Acura/ Event Date/Time: January 03, 2019 10:03:00 am Location: Arizona, United States Original Report