Ohio – GWM8624

He wasn’t doing the speed limit, I was behind him but he felt like I was riding his bumper. We got off the same exit he started yelling at me at the light calling me names and continued to follow me cussing me out. Acting like he was going to swerve into my mini van. He finally pulled off on a side street once he realized I was taking pictures of his plates. Very aggressive over nothing keeping in mind I am a woman..

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Ohio – HHJ8252

Middle Age woman (mid 40s?), Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, darker completion, license plate number HHJ8252. I was in the middle lane on 75N by the Bowling Green on ramp from Wooster St going mid-upper 70s, when said driver began to cut into my lane without blinker from the fast lane. I had to slam on my brakes during rush hour, praying the car behind me would see the situation and brake in time.. Had I not, driver would have hit me as the front of my car was by the back seat doors of her SUV previous to her beginning to cut into my lane.

How's my Texting? Ohio – HHJ8252

Ohio – GKQ1196

There was medi traffic on 71 South from Brook Park to Strongsville, there was a individual pulled off to the side of the road with his hazards on and people were slowing down on the far right lane. The individual and question decided to get up on my tail and lay down on his horn. He was constantly doing this all the way up to when we got into Strongsville before the Pearl road exit. As I am an off-duty officer with a retired police interceptor, I decided the best course of action would be to get in the lane next to me and slow down so he would pass me. The individual decided to flip me off, and then decided to take a course of action by speeding back up and getting behind him without having to tailgate him. I got a good enough picture of his license plate and his vehicle

How's my Texting? Ohio – GKQ1196