California – LHTHOUS

Was driving through Pasadena and got to the stop sign first. The Escaladethen arrives and drives when it is my turn which resulted to me honking. After honking, the Escalade brake checks multiple times and begins driving aggressively in front. As we drive the same destination, the Escalade intentionally and blocks potential turning lanes to make sure I cannot make it to my destination. The Escalade then drives in the middle of two lanes to provoke me and everyone in my car. Upon passing them, him and his ugly girlfriend wave goodbye. It’s one thing to react the way he did, it’s another to react when he’s obviously in the wrong. Should probably not drive a car that big with a temper that unpredictable.

How's my Texting? California – LHTHOUS

Florida – 9061VL

The driver had been (given a heads up) flashed at by multiple people in the 5 or so miles that I was behind them to turn their lights on. This driver had no functional rear view mirror, no lights were turned on, they had a young child (6 or 7 years of age) in the back seat of their vehicle not restrained by a child seat it was also leaning forward in between the front seats. This driver was also on their phone scrolling through Facebook Messenger it appeared but none the less was not focused on driving. Just a heads up due to night sight on Google pixels the picture seems much brighter then it actually is.

How's my Texting? Florida – 9061VL