North Carolina – KEW1647

We were in line and this woman is looking over the passenger side looking for something so we go. Then once she decides to look up and sees I went. She goes VERY close to my passenger side then she sees that I don’t move, then she goes around my vehicle and goes in front of me practically getting my front bumper. I had to back up so she wouldn’t hit me. Then she throws out 2 cigarette towards the floor (littering) and last one behind her, (hitting my left wheel). Geez, lady you’re chicken nuggets can wait. It’s not that serious! White lady with peach skin, looked early 40’s and had straight ginger-like hair in a pony tail,

How's my Texting? North Carolina – KEW1647

North Carolina – JFC3545

Driver was going about 20 mph above speed limit and tailgating. Driver was mad I was going the speed limit and tried to pass but failed due to a slower vehicle in the right lane. Driver then cuts another vehicle off and passes in the right turning lane then cutting off my vehicle and sticking the middle finger out of the car. Driver then stops traffic in the lane next to me and rolls down the window to yell something. Driver was aggressive and could have caused a multiple car accident. It is possible driver has multiple offenses due to the nature of this situation.

How's my Texting? North Carolina – JFC3545